Yoga is a way of stimulating strength and vitality in the body. It is a self-contained system that activates every part of the body (muscles, bones, internal organs, glands, etc.).

The physical aspect of yoga is known as the Asanas. While performing these physical postures attention is placed on the movement of the breath. Watching the breath has a profound effect on calming the nervous system and relaxing. This practice of watching the breath is called Pranayama. Practicing Pranayama will keep the body out of the ‘fight or flight’ response, a common byproduct of overworking and stress and will leave you feeling peaceful and calm.

What is more, performing the Asanas, moves the body in all directions which helps to circulating blood and intravenous fluid around the entire body. This increase of circulation helps to maintain optimum functioning of all body systems.

Classes will be following three distinctive paths:

Traditional Hatha  - comprising Surya Namaska (sun salutations) and Asanas (60/75 mins)

Pawanmuktasana Series - anti rheumatic, digestive and energy block / release (60 mins)

Yoga Wheel - using a 12" prop to facilitate a stronger practice, deeper backbends and fun balances (60 mins)


£8 (60 mins) 

"Hands down the most incredible yoga classes I've ever been to by a mile. I attend the pure gym classes so they cost me next to nothing and Amanda puts special time and attention in to everyone there. I'm going to be attending at the studio soon just so I can get more of my special yoga time because it makes me soooo relaxed for the whole day no matter what else is going on. My mental health has improved ten fold, thanks Amanda. Totally recommend." Skye DeLaMare

"Nothing better than start the day with a yoga class followed by a massage, feeling like a new woman. Such a friendly, professional and positive atmosphere. Thanks Amanda!" -  Adridgui Dugui

"I left gym yoga classes looking for somewhere with smaller groups & closer teaching. After a few false starts elsewhere I found Amanda - and found my place. She's amazing - knows when to push you and how far, and gives you confidence. Had my first try at yoga wheel today which gave an extra dimension and challenge to my yoga practice - can't wait to try it again!" - Alice Mateos-Dipper

"You will not regret going to one of Amanda's amazing yoga sessions. After only a couple of classes I have felt the benefit not only physically but mentally. Incredibly professional and passionate, Amanda really knows her stuff and demonstrates this through the individual support she provides to each class member." - Leanne Marie Jones

"A warm welcome awaits you at Bend Fit Mend. I'm relatively new to Yoga but I felt immediately at ease in this small group and left the session feeling great. I particularly like how Amanda focuses on different parts of the body each week. A great central location in Brighton and a friendly bunch. Thank you!" - Jon Downes