stretch class (45 mins) - £6

An all ability class working on the principles of controlled "movement around certain muscle groups" using blocks and belts to encourage a deeper awareness of motion,  increased range of movement and progressive flexibility. Hands-on "assisted stretching" makes this a very popular class.

Wear soft (yoga) clothing 

Class limited to 8

"I absolutely loved my stretch class. I feel transformed! I cannot recommend Amanda enough - she is as lovely as she is knowledgeable!" - Caiomhe O'Neill

"The space is floors above the street so it's calm and bright!.. Amanda clearly knows her stuff and it's easy to feel confident and trusting of her during each session." - Ian Parker

"Absolutely loved my first Stretch class with Bend Fit Mend this evening - I was made to feel really welcome and felt like I was floating when I left! Lovely venue and a fantastic teacher - I will definitely be booking in for more classes!" - Gemma Bellamy

"A very nice stretching class at BendFitMend this lunchtime. At a slow pace Amanda took us through some yoga postures using props such as blocks (I used three!) and belts, but most importantly she paid individual attention to every student knowing exactly what tiny adjustment to introduce to make the posture feel just right. I love fast-paced vinyasa classes, especially astanga, but this class also felt very engaging and dynamic - it is surprising how much more you get out of a posture by holding it just that bit longer! It felt just the opposite of lounging around... Please make this a regular class - it is sure to be a popular one!
The studio is very light and comfy, nice colour scheme and great vibes!" - Natasha Romanov