is a luxurious studio in a central location that offers you as the client a completely private and secluded environment in which to exercise to your heart (and lungs') content. Each session is tailored so that your desired outcomes, be it for fat loss, strength gain, increase in flexibility, cardiovascular stamina or lifestyle refinements are agreed upon, a bespoke programme formulated and goals are met. 


sculpt and soothe (60 mins) - £55

A popular session which combines 30 minutes of bespoke body conditioning followed by a 30 minute massage of your choice (sports, deep-tissue or aromatherapy) Target areas with low impact and body weight exercises in the privacy of the comfortable and spacious studio before "earning" a restful or restorative massage with blended aromatherapy oils.

"Earlier this year Amanda did some personal training with me combined with the massage package. The concept of mixing the two together was perfect, Amanda was extremely dedicated to my goals and was very mindful of my injuries. I can't rate Amanda highly enough, she's the best motivator ever, fun, professional and a superb masseuse! Thank you." - Debbie Innes


sport sixty (60 mins) - £55

For bodies that are training for a specific sport or event.

Be guided through 30 minutes of assisted passive and static stretches on a thick, cushioned floor before a 30 minute treatment on deep foam massage table to "undo" any tightness or "mend" any injuries. The combination of both stretching and specific area therapy brings about a targeted session which ultimately delivers a precise treatment with a primary focus on aiding your current and future fitness goals. Soft, loose clothing advised.

"Wow! Back to fighting fit again and all because of the amazing Amanda! Fitted me in for a last minute 'emergency' sport sixty session and worked through every niggle in my body. I left the studio feeling light, relaxed and completely comfortable to continue my training later the same evening. Thank you so much, highly recommended! I seriously wouldn't trust anyone else with my muscles. Be seeing you very soon!" - Ryan Brown

"Wow, just home from my first session (sport sixty) this afternoon and can't rate Amanda highly enough. Don't get me wrong, there was some serious hard work involved in the stretching element but with immediate results which I can't quite believe. Amanda was kind and genuinely interested in me and my body and goals - the time flew! I can't wait to see how things progress over the next few weeks and sessions. xx" - Fiona Finch


1-2-1 body conditioning (60 mins) - £40+

Not everybody feels the pull of a gym or fitness centre. However, everybody's body needs a form of exercise in order to stay strong enough to carry out daily duties without aches or to fasten-up clothing without breathing in.

Whatever your goal, 1-2-1 Sessions will help you achieve a healthy, vital, dynamic body. 

Tailor-made programmes, outdoor sessions, bespoke bootcamps or even a 45 minute session with parking space. Whatever your preferred time, pace or style will bring about an exercise solution that fits you perfectly.


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