Offering a wide range of treatments for sports, health and relaxation.

Whether you are an athlete, dancer, builder or just treating your favourite Auntie offers a wide selection of massages all of which allow the body be restored in comfortable surroundings, under soft, fluffy towels by experienced hands of caring therapists.

Choose from warm bamboo, hot stones, deep-tissue or relaxing aromatherapy massage. will soothe and replenish to leave you with a feeling of well-being and invigoration.




"After running my first Brighton Marathon I needed my aches and pains sorted out, and Amanda came highly recommended to me by a friend so I booked in for the aromosixty massage. I can truly say that this was one of the best massages I've ever had! Amanda was very professional and knowledgable; taking the time to fully exam and listen to my problems. After tailoring the essential oils to my needs , she then set to work from top to toe, working on the key areas we'd previously mentioned. I left feeling completely relaxed and ready for my next marathon! Even down to the aftercare a day later, Amanda goes that extra mile to make sure you get the best customer care possible. I'd highly recommend Bend Fit Mend to anyone wanting a highly professional, tailored to your own needs and purely amazing experience. Thanks so much Amanda! i'll be returning to you soon." - Mark Ward


"Amanda is a unique combination of gifted alchemist and healing masseuse! It's now Tuesday and I'm still balanced from her incredible aromatherapy massage on Friday afternoon! Life is too short for anyone within commuting distance of the BN postcode not to treat themselves (or a truly loved one) whenever life's pressures raise the shoulders... Hope you can still find time for me as your diary becomes increasingly more filled Amanda - I'll be back ;)" - Neil Tomlinson

warm bamboo massage |75 mins| - £75

A unique therapy that immediately relaxes and restores. Bamboo sticks are heated to 75* to create the perfect tool to stretch, loosen and lengthen tight muscles. As well as providing release for muscle stress and tension, this treatment is also highly effective for relief from aches and pains, improving sports performance and general relaxation. If you like deep tissue massage then this is a definite for you.

warm bamboo massage |90 mins| - £85

"the nicest treatment I have ever had. My body was aching all over after travelling for a long business trip and I simply couldn't work out where I was hurting the most. Amanda was so thorough with absolutely every part of the treatment and I was able to relax at once. Her professional attitude and incredible healing hands were just what I needed. I left feeling like my bones had turned to jelly and I had no care in the world. i will be having one of these at least once a fortnight and can't recommend this highly enough." -  Sarah Allen, August 2017

aroma thirty (30 mins) - £35

As much as massage itself is a therapeutic and relaxing experience, the blending of essential oils to be used in your treatment is of equal importance in creating a "uniquely profound" experience for you. Top quality essential oils from around the world derived from bark, berries, flowers, leaves, peel, resin, rhizome, root, seeds and wood are combined to bring about a synergistic blend that will "answer" your requirement. 

Following a consultation , essential oils are blended for exactly how you are feeling at that particular time. You will feel immediately relaxed on the super-comfortable therapy table under thick, fluffy towels. Ambient music, soft lighting and warm room all add to the nurturing experience. Expert hands apply the oils and soothe away tension from your body. Relaxation beyond belief.

aroma sixty (60 mins) - £65

"Had an incredible deep tissue massage from Amanda at BendFitMend! I commute to London 5 days a week which, coupled with sitting in front of a computer all day, has well and truly wreaked havoc with my back, shoulders, arms and legs. The AromaSixty was such a great way to start sorting out some of the damage that I have done and I cant comment on how welcome and relaxed I felt from the minute I got there! From the tea to the treatment it was an absolute dream and I am now a regular customer. Couldn't recommend it enough!" - Jake Beattie

aroma ninety (90 mins) - £90

The most luxurious treatment available at Pampering at its finest!

hot stones 75 (75 mins) - £75

Smooth, basalt stones are heated to become warm.  A natural oil is the applied and the stones are gently moved over the body. A truly relaxing and comforting treatment which has been known to benefit in the following areas: relieves muscle tension and aches, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes sleep. May also help in the areas of boosting immunity and relieving symptoms of auto-immunity.

hot stones 90 (90 mins) - £85

"I arrived having just had root canal treatment and feeling less than wonderful. After the best massage ever with the best oils and hot stones I left dribbling for all the right reasons. Thanks as always to the wonderful Amanda" - Sue Woodward,

massage thirty (30 mins) - £35

Deep-tissue massage is a firm pressure treatment. It can be slightly uncomfortable as it works predominately on the muscles rather than surface layers of the skin. Particular attention is paid to "muscle knots" (myofascial trigger points) and the alleviation though applied pressure and stretch to relax the contracted muscle fibres. Can help with all matter of ailments including headaches, muscle aches, stiffness, loss of mobility and pain.

massage sixty (60 minutes) - £60 

"I can't recommend Bend Fit Mend enough. I booked in for a deep tissue massage to alleviate some tension across my back and shoulders and was incredibly impressed. Amanda really takes the time to get to know you, and puts any concerns to the back of your mind. She's a complete professional, and very approachable, welcoming and friendly. The massage itself loosened and helped realign my neck and shoulders, and by the next afternoon it felt like a weight had been lifted. I'm aware that BFM also do stretching classes, and a wicked sounding "commuter" class (for those of us tied to a chair all day!) - both of which I'll be interested to check out. Once again, I can't recommend this place and Amanda enough! The best and most attentive massage you'll get in Brighton, without a doubt." - Claire Beveridge


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