If you would like to have your treatment in Brighton, a warm and central therapy room can be made available at Brighton & Hove Therapies, Fleet Street, Brighton, BN1 4ZE

As these rooms are used by a selection of therapists and need to be booked ahead of confirming your session time / day please keep in mind that it may not always be possible to book your preferred time so if you could supply a couple of options as to when might be good for you this is very helpful.

Alternatively, please email ahead of booking so a time / day is confirmed with B&HT and then scheduled for you.

What clients have said about this space:

It feels very similar to the vibe at the studio. Well done you for finding a good and convenient alternative location.”

Warm, clean and welcoming. A nice place to be treated. And parking nearby is great too.”

Car parking is available at nearby Sainsbury’s or at Brighton station. Please check restrictions before leaving your car.


VIP room at Theatre Royal Brighton - Wednesday 09h00 - 17h30

If you would like a treatment to feel like it is magical before it even begins then this is the BEST place to book.

You will arrive to a private ante-room either via Box Office or Stage Door and be led to a charming and historic room within this beautiful and glorious building. Sometimes, if there is a show taking place or rehearsals on stage you may hear a little of the sound as this room is “beside” the stage.

The decor is rich, sumptous and ornate. Your treatment will feel just as luxurious.

As this location is upstairs please check for suitability if walking is difficult or painful.

This makes a really, really lovely present for someone or decadent treat for yourself!

What clients have said about this room:

I can’t believe I am having a treatment in here….!”

Wow! This is amazing. What an incredible experience. I feel like I have been transported back though the ages.”