At the beginning of February I wrote a post (Repositioning the Brand) which detailed a few things I felt would be great for the studio to implement / flex-up-to in being a "gentle" and affordable place to come for "bodywork" classes and therapies in central Brighton.

And being ever the "doer" rather than the "ponderer" I have almost completed what will be known as The Soft Room. 

It is one of the most incredible spaces to work in! I have already had feedback that it is indeed "a place that transports you a million miles away from the city centre" and "is so tranquil that you will have to wake me afterwards."

The Soft Room is warm and cosy even though it is an airy 35sq metres. It affords one of the most delightful views over rooftops to the distant hillside of Brighton and down to the sea, Brighton Wheel and thankfully not The Brighton Chimney. And being away from any roads / passing traffic it is one of the quietest places I have come across since moving here.

Not only that, the sessions that will take place in The Soft Room are very much about the individual reconnecting with her / himself, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. The massage couch has been moved into a tucked away corner and in another corner consultations and counselling will be carried out in supportive chairs nestled near windows with a view of the sky.

A water feature trickles as an ambient background and the lighting is low, warm LED's at floor level. The blinds (when closed) create a natural light that is muted, relaxing, deep cerise and womb-like. And yes, the floor is soft, cushioned and not for outdoor shoes. A changing area for classes has been allocated at the entrance and a velvet VIP rope cordons off the Soft Room (to keep outdoor shoes away).

But what makes this room so immediately appealing is the smell. It doesn't take long for the "essence" of fresh paint to be replaced with the blissful, layered, calming scent of bespoke blended essential oils. It makes the Soft Room feel complete and beyond comforting. I feel exceptionally happy to be working in such a resplendent space. And I know that it will be a room held special in the hearts of many.

If you have / haven't previously visited Bend Fit Mend for treatments, it is definitely worth booking a(nother) to experience what true relaxation is all about. And with prices starting at £28, there's no time like the present to switch off and be transported away. 

All details are available on the website or please feel free to contact here.