Yesterday was one of the most enjoyable days this year! A group of like-minded, active people came together and experienced new things, individually, in couples and as a group in the studio.

So, a little recap of yesterday's fun, energising Partner Workshop.

** First call of the morning: Eat Naked to collect freshly-made protein balls (plus a much needed Bulletproof coffee!)

** Kitchen: 10 x chilled Aquapax waters, plates, forks (I knew the cheesecake was coming!), cups, speciality teas, hot water thermos dispenser filled and up we went. As the studio is a "clean" zone the back office was used as the entertaining room.

** Studio: was cleaned the evening before so only a quick re-organisation and four mats to be wiped over. Music, register, schedule and all was set. 

And then the buzzer signified the first attendee! We were off!!! Intros, PARQ forms, changing into their new leggings (that's how lovely my fitfam are!). Housekeeping (I always feel like a flight attendant during "exits" and "emergencies" though) done and onto content.

** Warm-up was breath-focussed. The partner postures for warm-up were "all over body" strecthes that enabled a deeper, prolonged stretch. It also served as a good way of partners bonding as some had never worked together before. Richard and I demonstrated each one prior and then went to assist the paris. We even managed to lose our balance in one of the demos which ended-up with us both on the floor. I think this broke the ice a little as laughs a-plenty followed. 

** Moving postures: once the group was warmed-up thoroughly and an idea of what abilities and ambition were available, Richard and I demo'd a 2-part, moving posture where person 1 assists 2 into a handstand, holds 2 steady and then takes 2's bent knees over 1's shoulder and forward folds 1 over the top of 2 landing 1 safely onto the floor. It's called "the backpack!" It was met with some concerned faces but once we had helped everyone over each other it was easy to see that all would fly! A basic "set-up" and explanation and then it was time to get my muscles out. Spotting is hugely rewarding in so many different ways. I also had the opportunity to both "base and fly" to get pairs off-the-blocks.

** Break: 10 minutes for a quick cuppa, water, attendees to check-in on FB or even the football scores.

** Dynamic Seconds: More flying. Excellent attention to instruction and immediate physical feedback meant that pairs were doing things they never thought they would achieve. You could see from expressions on faces that pure joy had just been experienced! Those moments will always be precious to me. The second part of this section was about deeper floor-based postures. As the body was so warm and also beginning to tire, it is good to have an understanding of when injuries and accidents are most likely to happen. As teachers, it is our duty to make sure that each person's wellbeing is being considered at all times. Deep forward-folds and stable pressure through applied bodyweight are safe and really, really nice!

** Massage and Relaxation: Using Richard to demonstrate on, I shared a) precise placement of hands b) pressure c) area of body to give a blissful, releasing, deep (& meaningful) massage from one partner and then to the other. Richard had two. The blinds were closed, the music turned down a fraction for a 10 minute relaxation. It was so nice to see everybody literally "melting" into the soft floor. "Any questions?" was met with "when is the next one?!"

** Social and Nom-Noms: Hannah baked a vegan, clean-eat cheesecake (transported on 3 ice-packs!) complete with "on brand" design. It was absolutely delicious and unsurprisingly every single morsel was happily devoured by the group (TY, dear Hannah!). Eat Naked protein balls were eaten, cups of tea taken and a very satisfied and fairly quiet group set about getting themselves ready for departure.

It was brilliant. A triumphant success. Compliments were plentiful and hugs were genuine. I am so very lucky to have been able to host such an event for some very, very lovely people. Thank-you each one for making my day so memorable. You are truly wonderful.

And a special thanks to my wonderful friend and super-strong and flexible base, Richard. You rock, Mr : )

Finally, if you are featured in the gallery below, please write something in the comments so anyone reading can have your perspective too! TY for coming x

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