It has taken me three months to pluck-up the courage to "out" the pictures that are part of the "repositioning of the brand" phase I am currently in. But finally I have arrived....and am eager to get your thoughts.

What took me so long? A myriad of inconsequential reasons that all added-up to becomiing a period of procrastination "worthy of a slap!"

Even at the beginning of this "adventure" it took me a great amount of courage to strip down to (comfy) undies and enter the photographic studio with nothing more than (exceptional) lighting to act as cover. I didn't anticipate the same ripples of trepidation to prevent me from publishing the images the very instant they arrived in all of their glorious formats. But fear struck to the very core of me. I was concerned with how my body would be viewed and my being (ego) would be perceived....which was the whole point I was trying to break away from.

Then there was the decision process. I didn't expect to be sent so many incredible images as a "first selection." Yes, I immediately knew the handful that I wouldn't be using, but I was pleasantly surprised by the twenty or so really "cool" pictures that were offered to me. At this point I knew that I had chosen the best photographers on the South Coast. Happy days.

The main reason for working with the hugely talented 7two9 Photography is that they prefer to leave images as they are in their rawest form with no post-production. I was certain that this representation of me should be #nofilter. I wanted to be seen as being "true." When it comes to their own work the only edits they make are purely artistic to bring about "works of art." A truly and wonderfully creative duo. 

And then the addition of BFM logo. This was given to my trusted "design knight in digital armour" (DDD at top London agency) who perfectly placed and presented creating a beautiful "product" that really identifies with "the brand." Top marks as always.

What followed is a "lull." I asked a couple of people in media both with a healthy network if they could / would (kindly) ask their "lifestyle / fitness" editors /writers / bloggers if they might like to have a closer look at my story. (Two months plus and nothing.) 

And what story is that exactly....?

For my entire life I was conditioned to chase acknowledgement in either the form of praise or revenue. I pushed like crazy to do and be the best and whilst achieving a great number of astonishing things and accomplishments I rarely felt truly satisfied; always grateful and with a (huge) sense of pride but the "completeness" that i understood to come at some stage was still elusive to me.

It is only now that I am beginning to glimpse it. I am so fortunate to have found an inner (re-)connection that brings enjoyment to others as much as myself. I am thrilled that my energy is fuelled by a compelling intrigue as to what comes next. My body is light not from dieting and gym (three sessions this year!) but simply from being honest and clear about what it really needs. My attitude is untainted by ungracious expectations of others and as a result is open and generous. 

Above all, my story is of transparency. I am authentic and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I treat others as I wish to be treated. I trust my intuition and adore the sense of prevailing peace in my life. I believe in abundance and each day I am learning anew to accept who I have become. 


Please feel free to share this post with anybody who might like to read it. Additionally, any questions or comments are gratefully received -