Having a "team" in the studio brings a whole different dynamic. It is great to see interns with managers all applying themselves to the same level of physical input and coming out with exactly the same sense of personal achievement.

As each Stretch Class is purely about the individual and their inner dialogue it is a huge comfort to be privy to a sense of equality in the room. The soft, cushioned floor is a great leveller and all mats absorb the same about of tension, frustration and mouthed swear-words in addition to offering the most supportive of surfaces to relinquish every fibre of the being during relaxation...or abandonment in some cases, known only when a little jolt of the body shocks them back to consciousness.

Sessions for corporate clients are more focused on the whole body and what impact their particular daily duties have upon them. Sitting at a desk is notoriously bad for the spine (and neck if desk set-up is incorrect), mouse / keyboard use brings about aching wrists and hip flexors don't stand a chance when immobile for 6+ hours a day (as hardly anybody leaves their desk every 20 mins). Those who work for companies where the labour is more physical, it is about "undoing" the stresses, aches and sometimes pain that their biometric habitual patterns born from repetition of tasks can leave within their bodies. Imagine what making 200 cups of coffee every single day would do to your wrists, fingers, shoulders, forearms, neck, back, legs...and everywhere, in fact.

Brighton is very fortunate to have "cool" independent companies that are conscientious, considerate, and mindful (ex-commuters make great leaders!) So, when an effective team comes together it is important to care for them. Stretch at the studio delivers exactly that. Think "bespoke nurture" and you are almost there. Not only that, the bonding which usually occurs during any session is priceless...well, very cost-competitive. Plus, depending on what time of the day a session occurs, it can "re-set" the focus and bring about a highly productive afternoon or create a perfect "clocking-off." Whichever time, an employee feels differently about their place of work, in a good way. 

When understanding the elements which go into a Corporate Stretch session, a major part of the preparation is to fully comprehend what each individual coming to the session will need most. For me, this part is also the most interesting. And I get to leave the studio! I observe the body from feet upwards, looking at how the skeleton is held through the pelvis, up the spine, into shoulders, neck and head. Observation then dissects into even smaller areas, shoulders into arms, forearms, wrists and finger movements. By being acutely aware of how they all come together forms a basis for which stretches will counteract any negative impact on the body. 

When selecting which stretches will be incorporated as long as it can be done by all those attending it is included. Stretches usually begin by warming-up the spine gently, opening the chest and then a little "look" at hip flexors / hamstrings. The focus moves down the body and always a modification taught that can be done easily and discreetly in the workplace. It is vital that the sessions have a "take-away" to give participants an element of movement re-education and ownership into taking care of their bodies whilst at work. Additionally, for companies / organisations this becomes part of the ongoing "health and wellbeing" offering which separates them from lesser caring employers. Definitely a win-win situation.

All-in-all, working with local companies is a huge bonus. In Brighton, everybody knows somebody close by and the network is a communicative one. It is great to hear feedback through a third party about a "friend" who has had a brilliant time and their nagging pain / ache has gone / lessened since coming. I enjoy the satisfaction of a person doing something they would never normally try and for them to be in an environment to learn safely and efficiently. (And yes, I am smiling as I write this!)

If you, or anybody you know, might benefit from having sessions crafted for you or your team, please do get in touch. I am happy to put you in touch with Office Managers and Directors who will tell you how their staff are changed....and then get to creating the perfect session so that your team is stretched and happy.