Happy, Happy New Year!

Frankly, any amount of apologies or excuses as to why there hasn't been a post for months and months just wouldn't cut it. Part of my reasoning is lack of time, add to that an overcrowded memory, a couple of traumas and coat it with a layer of avoidance and there you have it.

But I am here now and ready to commit to some learnings, confessions, inspirations and yes, resolutions.

What did this past period teach me? Not to be such a "push-over" in business and in my personal life; to feel "ok" about saying what is my truth...even if that means upsetting people along the way; of not believing offers of help until they actually materialise; to stay away from bad energy; to be patient.

My "fessing-up" includes: dips in motivation; traveling to the beach for "admin sessions;' not flaunting the brand in more heath and fitness locations; not identifying and acting upon key marketing dates; spreading myself too thinly; letting my personal practice slide; becoming irritated with how slowly it has taken the business to grow; comparing myself to others.

However, I have been inspired almost daily and have been ridiculously thankful that this is still the case. I am very much blessed by having incredible clients whose growth is testament to the fact that the studio offers a small, clean, comfortable and freeing environment in which they can explore their own personal ability without any element of competition or judgement; I have been fortunate to have been involved in some online yoga challenges which have made me smile as I progress through various sticking points; I have relaxed / giggled / breathed deeply in the beautiful locations my mat and massage couch have been rolled out / opened in. Above all, I am still inspired by the gorgeous studio each and every day.

And what next? Befitting that this time of year is for reflection but more so for anticipation...of what a fresh new year could offer. I will do a number of things differently: timescales and schedules will be written with honesty and adhered to with proper effort; growth will happen for the brand, for clients and for myself; motivation and encouragement will be sought by leaders and mentors; dead wood will float on by (bye).

2017 will be a leaner and lighter year. It will afford agility and strength, and will attract opportunities (plans for hot and sunny yoga retreat; workshops; CPD; guest teachers, online tips and training all on the "board") which thrill and delight  everybody, new and old, near and far.

Finally, thank-you for your continued support. The studio is indebted to you and what you bring on each visit and I am perpetually glad to make you feel happy whenever and however I can.

Best wishes and namaste.


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