They say a picture speaks a thousand words...

So, here it is. No filter. No post-production. No body make-up. Raw and unadulterated.

In order to achieve my recent "acceptance of my form" I have not spent hours in the gym chasing a new / hard / celebrity regime; or time in the kitchen cutting-out / adding fancy ingredients / reading and researching fad diets; and definitely not in the nearest cosmetic / beauty centre.

I have spent the last year living a lifestyle that is moderate in every single way: small diet with recent (re)-transition to vegetarianism; all weather cyclist; no unnecessary purchases; up-cycling and recycling; cutting out caffeine and (almost) alcohol; no superficial relationships; a daily class of "flexi" in the studio.

My life up until here has been an enjoyable, tough, varied and rewarding journey. One grown-up daughter, 3 degrees, and an eclectic employment history (some jobs more gritty than others.) My best achievements range from having my first dance class at 28 years old, obtaining a Passenger Vehicle Licence, teaching Drama for 3+ years and being a single-parent. On the downside, I've been bullied, disowned and experienced traumas I didn't think I'd ever recover from.

But I did and here I am.

Just having celebrated my 12th Leap Year birthday with lots of people whom I adore (and I think quite like me back) and untold cards and messages from around the world has opened my eyes to the real beauty of reflected love. At this ripe old age (have you worked it out yet?!) I am not afraid of "putting myself out there!" for anyone to pass comment on, to enquire about or to pass-on by. 

This is me. I am nothing special but I do know how to appreciate any and every little special thing as I see it, feel it, touch it, taste it and own it. My life is happy and rewarding and I thank my Angels for keeping me so.

I am proud to be a product of "the brand" - Bend Fit Mend has changed my attitude towards my own body and ultimately this acceptance has allowed me a wonderful sense of freedom, empowerment and joy.

Please feel free to get in touch and ask any questions about my lifestyle choices that have helped me be who I am today. And please, please share this post wherever you can.

: )

Ps. 48 years old.

Photography: 7two9. Assisted by The Star Beyond