So, in the four weeks that I have returned from India what has been occurring?

I have been sleeping lots, eating oats, soup and concocting wonderments in my NutriNinja and complaining about the weather. I have nearly “come a-cropper” with my bicyclette, and I have fallen in love…deeply, with the studio and more importantly…all over again with my practice.

I have found a new calmness since I have been back in the UK and attribute this to lack of caffeine, alcohol and fish (I always used to feel so guilty about feasting on something so tasty yet had had a life) in my days. I am much more clear in my intention and my mind feels sharp, precise and focussed.

And I am happy! I can’t tell you what a blissful state I now find myself in. Don’t get me wrong, I am not “butterfly brain - even though my “new favourite asana” is Titioli / Baddhakonasana - “totally Titioli, man!” or so chilled I am horizontal. Far from it, I have been thinking non-stop about how to incorporate all of the good, amazing, wonderful things that have happened to me in the past few months.

This is my list so far:

  • yoga - as the classes begin to fill-up, I am able to add new days / times.
  • become a “product” of the brand. I am my own best advert so why not utilise it.
  • offer “quiet” practices. Many of the clients that come for 1-2-1 sessions prefer the tranquility of the studio when it is “still”. Creating a “soft” environment for “mind” therapies, Pranayama and Meditation practices
  • refresh the website. I will probably need Angels to hand for this one.
  • give BFM as distinct offering…a USP. This is in progress as I write. Exciting “objects” are arrived and waiting to be found a home.
  • continue to fall in love each and every day with what I do and the people BFM attracts.

I intend BFM to have the best of everything that I can possibly bring about for it. It has afforded me huge amounts of pride, brought new and wonderful friendships and allowed me to be active every day. I know this passion, commitment and adoration will continue for all of this year as I try and test new things, refine old things and welcome more people to get “flexi” whenever and however they can.

And please, if you or someone you know might like to suggest something they feel would be nice to do / try at the studio, drop a quick line to and an answer / date will be with you very soon.

: )