Hurrah! Three cheers! It's a happy, happy day.

The studio has been up-and-running for exactly one whole year. I can't tell you how proud I am...and surprised. The time has flown by. I hardly know what I did in those months but a friend commented this morning..."you have built a business from nothing!" which made me beam.

I have enjoyed this past year even though it has been tough. And when I say tough I don't just mean the physical side of running the business - bags of 600gsm towels being fastened to the rack on my trusty bicyclette, cycling back to the studio in a desperate hurry as an injured person is being delivered to the door, countless "deep" treatments on the strongest, most muscular bodies from the gym, and cleaning...lots of cleaning at the studio. Hardships have also been counted in the areas of friendships, finances, downtime. 

However, the upside to those minor blips is I am exceptionally happy. Ridiculously so. It feels consistently exciting to go to the studio and see what / who the day brings me. I greet the studio each day as if it were my best friend. The tingle as I walk in is the same as it has always felt since "day 1" and I anticipate it to be forever more. I know this is one of the best opportunities in my life I have been lucky enough to act upon. I feel truly blessed that I have arrived at this place, in this time, with this insight and foresight. I am thankful that I have learnt so many things in my life that are now culminating to become Bend Fit Mend.

This past year being a #smallbiz in Brighton has afforded me some incredible insights. I understand the relatively small portion of business I am looking to attract is not at networking events; at the end of a flaky promise from "someone in the industry" who will recommend me for treatments when they have sampled one FOC; acquired by spending "marketing budgets" on the flimsiest of publications.

I do know that good old-fashioned word-of-mouth is by far the best way of generating happy and regular clients; that the power of social is quick and efficient; that Brighton is a great place to have a business; and that running a business is liberating and rewarding but patience and commitment are necessary from the outset. 

So, key takeaways: a year can fly when the heart is light; the ability to cherish something that brings happiness, relief and belonging is justified; ambition is one of the most powerful driving forces when coated in generosity and humilty; good things come to those who work from a clear intention.

I adore Bend Fit Mend. I anticipate good, rewarding and memorable things to come in this next year. If you are close enough to visit, please do. If you aren't, then warmest wishes are sent however they might land closest to you.

Thank-you : )

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