I have physical limitations! This week I have landed on my face so many times that it is any wonder that I can still inhale / exhale properly.

I have been trying to master a particular arm-balance posture. It is called Peacock Pose. The posture is balancing with your body parallel to the floor. It looks dramatic. It feels excruciatingly uncomfortable.

So, understanding a little bit more about the "nuances" of the pose - the ability to relax the abdominals enough to allow the pressure from the elbows to create a "table" on which to rest the body is the ultimate key to unlocking the "floating effect" as the legs effortlessly rise up from the ground. I also discovered just how heavy my legs are (modification - legs in Lotus!).

This was the moment I learnt that peacocks can digest poison. Furthermore, I also came across a Tibetan belief that a peacock owes it's beauty to the fact that it feasts on a particular species of poisonous plant. The peafowl's "cast-iron" stomach is what is replicated in the pose. The spreading of the sumptuous, glorious, magnificent plume (males) is the moment when the lower limbs float skywards.

I was amused by the term "peacocking" (see image below) and how the male thinks that he needs to "sparkle" in order to catch the attention of the female. This term was based upon Charles Darwin's notion that the "train" of iridescent plumes on a peacock was an aid purely for sexual attraction, to capture the attention of a mate. After much scientific research, it appears that the tail is more a transparent indicator of a male's fitness as he needs to be strong enough to carry such a huge weight with him than as adornment.

So, whether a man has a slice of snazzy silk kerchief protruding nonchalantly from top pocket, or lining slightly more colourful than the garment requires, socks that flash conspicuously when seated or lunging (I kid you not!) and of course any athletic display outside of gym or sport setting...these are all fine examples of peacocking. If like me, you find this behaviour a little unnecessary then do as any self-respecting peahen would do and gracefully float on by without getting your feathers in a twist!