This week I got to do something very, very lovely. In fact, it is one of my favourite things associated with the studio. This week, I placed an order for new oils.

Essential oils are instrumental in the "beneficial" aspect for clients, whether they are recovering from an injury, ramping-up training or simply taking "time out" for themselves. Each oil has a specific property which brings about a different effect. When blended with other oils not only does the harmonising scent become a myriad of sensory pleasure but the synergist benefits become magnificently elevated.

The olfactory system is the first of the senses to receive and register. For many people, smelling something vaguely familiar can evoke memories long since forgotten. Think of how newly mown grass makes you feel, or burning logs, parma-violet sweets, even petrol. The distinction of that scent associated with a time most prominent in our lives can bring about a very powerful reconnection, touching us in a deeply profound way.

How often do we stop and take time to understand the qualities of a scent; is it light, fresh, clean, heady, dull, thick, rich, young, old, heavenly...? I try and dissect some smells which sounds much worse than it is. Think of the phonetics of a word; fragrance, for instance - freīgr(ǝ)ns (or fuh-ray-gur-rur-nun-sss) which seems much more complicated and involved, when compartmentalised. A "balanced" blend has a mixture of base, middle and top notes which again sounds calculative and formulaic. However, sometimes it is not necessary to include one layer although experience has taught me that middle notes are usually present.

I have worked with essential oils for 12 years and am always absolutely delighted by the "in the moment" clarity blending for a client manifests. It is not unusual for the same client to have a different blend for every single visit. I have also learned that by blending particularly potent oils, restless nights and broken sleeps are fixed, confusion and indecisiveness are met with clarity and conviction, anxiety and stress is soothed away and peace is restored...not always for long, or as a constant, but just long enough to offer a reprieve, to break the cycle. And we all know that a change is as good as a rest.

And no, before you ask, I haven't (yet) found a blend for weight-loss, to transcend the limits of the human body or even to attract a mate. Maybe they could be added to the "how amazing would that be...?!" list.

What I do and will always find particularly satisfying about working with oils is the sheer pleasure I find by simply smelling and the fascination I have by the healing nature of nature's bountiful store. My understanding is my foundation, my respect is unwavering and my intuition is always my guide. I have been called "the Jo Malone of oils', told that my oils have brought pure comfort during overwhelming times and have even been asked if there was "magic involved"?!

And just in case you are still not convinced, read the description for any Aroma massage and try and not *sigh*

"As much as massage itself is a therapeutic and relaxing experience, the blending of essential oils to be used in your treatment is of equal importance in creating a "uniquely profound" experience for you. Top quality essential oils from around the world derived from bark, berries, flowers, leaves, peel, resin, rhizome, root, seeds and wood are combined to bring about a synergistic blend that will "answer" your requirement. 

Following a consultation , essential oils are blended for exactly how you are feeling at that particular time. You will feel immediately relaxed on the super-comfortable therapy table under thick, fluffy towels. Ambient music, soft lighting and warm room all add to the nurturing experience. Expert hands apply the oils and soothe away tension from your body. Relaxation beyond belief."

Finally, if you are curious about how essential oils could work for you, please feel free to leave a comment / question, use the contact form or email. If you would like to try for yourself (or treat someone) then please do book in (here).