This is an extra little post. I had no idea which social channel would convey the "glamour" of practice so thought it best to house in a gallery and leave in full view.

After forty minutes of practice, we (Richard and I) decided we were ready for someone to capture some "partner poses" so my phone was thrust into a staff member's hand and background's were cleared.

With the pressure of being filmed / photographed, things can sometimes alter slightly. In this case, Richard doesn't know his own strength sometimes and launched me across him with such force that I literally flew over...and way beyond where I needed to make contact with his feet. The result was that I landed with a huge clatter (wooden floor) away from him. To compensate, on the subsequent attempt, not as much force was used so inadequate momentum was achieved and I landed (unceremoniously) on top of him. By the third attempt we were perfect...only our camera-person didn't realise we had a seamless dismount (exit cartwheel) so stopped "clicking" (filming).

Anyway, rather than explain any further...see for yourself, "warts and all" what a few minutes really looks like. Btw, I don't have a single bruise!

As always, you are most welcome to comment... : )