Having reached the first of numerous business milestones, I am pleased to share that bend.fit.mend is this week celebrating six months of trading.

As many of you will already know from reading previous posts, it hasn't been a breeze. But having said that it is certainly worth every bit of sweat,  almost all of the tears and I guess most of the interruptions to peaceful dreams (although less would be much better!)

And what it is it exactly that makes it so enjoyable? Being my own boss. Tick. Working with lovely people and clients. Tick. Learning something important and sharing every single day. Big tick.

However, by far the best bit still is saying "hello" to the studio every time I enter. I think this is acknowledgement of it being "my baby" but also that it is a space which for each person who steps into it they unwittingly form an individual relationship with the studio. Perhaps it is the reminder of a blissful feeling after a soothing treatment or for some the soft, comfortable floor underfoot evokes the excitement of achieving "another" first balance or unknown depth to a stretch. Possibly many secret, glorious and never voiced reasons but all of utmost and significant importance.

So, for everybody who has been and experienced the studio, I want to say a huge thank-you for helping me to continue believing this is a wonderful space with a unique feel that offers the ability to "pick and mix" elements to compliment and enhance each individual lifestyle however much it changes.

And for those of you who haven't yet been, what are you waiting for? There really is "something for everybody's body...!"

Read the reviews, sign-up for the newsletter, listen to a playlist or email for more information, but whenever you are able to, do come and see for yourself. It would be great to be thanking so many more people in another six months time : )