This has been an amazing week. Not only have I been freed from looking at my wrist and becoming frantic (usually the case!) I have also been paid compliments. 

And yes, plural. Which is why I am choosing to write about how wonderful they have been to receive. And before we go any further, please (please) don't get me wrong and think that this is an egotistical, fluffing-up and an exercise in showing-off. On the contrary. I wanted to share what the feeling is of actually accepting something nice that is being said to me, about me.

I have been told that I am good at making people feel at ease, calm and willing to relax (or begin to try to) and that the words that I use are always "just enough." I am of the belief that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. It never fails. As a consequence, I have learned to listen rather than just fill the silence with my own voice and insincerities. I have never been described as "flaky" and consider myself one of the diehard "woman of my word" types.

This is probably the reason why I hear when somebody is complimentary. I understand what it is to have put those feelings into words and deliver them, sincerely and with a smile. I appreciate the effort that each person has taken to assemble that especially for me. I get the sentiment. I receive and sometimes I blush.

The few that have "rocked my world" this week:

"you are the Jo Malone of massage"..."I wish I had your job"..."a beautiful space created by a beautiful person"..."amazing hands"..."a really knowledgable and fun person who makes the whole experience very enjoyable"..."do I have to leave?" 

Most of them were responded to with a "thank-you" ("do I have to leave?" got a laugh!). But what each person wouldn't have been able to see was the incredible gift they had just given me. A feeling of warmth and pureness that ignited from deep within and sent ripples of happiness to the very edges of my being. These compliments on an individual basis were like precious, little gems; as a collective, like the most brilliant and special present ever....a blessing.

A friend sent me this in a DM on Twitter "Doing exactly what you're sent here to do & enjoying it makes it all worth it!" Yes, yes and yes!

And to top it all, I was given a "light-touch" during a yoga class relaxation from a teacher I haven't even begun to know. Very special experience.

But the cherry on the cake had to be two pairs of exquisite leggings (by Lululemon) sent to the studio with a little note "wear in good health". Yes, I will. Of course, I will.

I asked one client to count the "nice things" said to her this week, not necessarily to share with me or anyone else but for herself and as acknowledgement that she too is a beautiful and lovely creature.

Count your compliments as they are easily on a par with blessings! : )