This has been a "revisit" week. I have tried to lighten the website and in doing so realised what I feel is "best" for the studio. I have also "re-laid" the floor so it is as smooth and perfect as when it was not even trodden upon and consequently treated the studio to nice appliances....which is why I am late in posting.

I maintain a clean studio. I have a very clean studio. I feel very at ease knowing that anybody who comes here for a treatment, session or class will be doing so in sanitary conditions. 

And now more so. I have "treated" the studio to a new vacuum and steam cleaner. Not that there were either to be replaced. No such luxuries! I have always been incredibly respectful of the studio so much so that I would spend 75+ mins (PB) on hands and knees making certain it was spotless. Which was great, necessary, time-consuming and physical (the studio is a whole lot larger with a cloth and bucket in hand!)

But now with classes getting busier and more people in the studio daily and most mats being unrolled at least once a day I wanted to make sure that the same high standards were still in place even though time to devote to cleaning was being encroached upon.

So, investment in a bag-less Bissell "Zing" vacuum that has so much suction that it almost pulled the floor up. I'm not joking. I have to drag the brush head backwards to stop it from getting "stuck" which made me happy. No particles are going to get missed be this little sucker! And my first steam cleaner. A Karcher. My new pride and joy. Seriously! This little yellow beast cleans almost 100% of germs and bacteria away without the need for harsh chemicals. My floor, my mats, my shower room surfaces, all have been hot-misted and given the sterile treatment.

What a good day. I am so proud of this space, of what it means to people, each of whom have had their own experience of a "good feeling" which they have taken away with them. For me, my attention to cleanliness gives me an unshakeable confidence in the studio and my very fortunate position of being able to come here every day and sit on the floor and pad around without shoes. It is surprising what an effect this has had on me not only upon my posture (upright. straight, less aches) but also hips (free, open) and attitude (soft, calm, grounded).

Do come and visit. Read what people say about the space. But, do remember to put your "good" socks studio rules "No outdoor shoes, No food, No uncovered drinks and hand sanitiser upon entry" applies to all.