For the last month I have been studying yoga under different teachers at an alternative studio. This one-month card was gifted to me by a friend who had little experience of yoga and thought I might like to accompany them on occasion.

What actually happened was I clocked-up just under thirty sessions...and hardly saw my friend!

In those thousands of minutes spent under the guidance of new-to-me teachers I learnt so much. Obviously, my practice became significantly stronger as transitions became "silky" and breath deeper and muscles more capable and and and... I adored the adjustments that we given to me with delicacy and respect. I was thrilled by the pureness given to me during one relaxation from a teacher who had the gentlest of touches but with an energy so effervescent it made me giggly for the rest of the day.

But what I found to be most beneficial was the opportunity to understand (and immediately acknowledge after class with words and a smile) the good, sometimes great points about individual teachers and their wide ranging styles. I identified what a "sing-song" inflection to instructional cues could bring about before and during a heart-thumping posture, the efficiency of language when describing the modifications / progressions of safe entry / transition / exit, the depth of spirituality, knowledge, connection and of course, flexibility.

All of these observations has meant that the sessions at the studio are, well, better. I have revisited my teaching style....and added the most appropriate, wonderful, joyous, incredible and enjoyable elements that could be harnessed and redelivered. As a result, happy, content, flexible, stretched and smiley clients.

Every single day offers one, if not more, possibilities to learn. What is so rewarding for me is that I get to pass that learning along, to share information, impart knowledge and more often than not, see someone shine in front of my eyes!


** Please feel free to have a closer look at what clients say (Facebook reviews here) and then come to the studio and try for yourself : )

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