This week has had the unusual luxury of one business day away from the studio. That is not to say that nothing was done, in fact, more than normal was achieved and sitting on a seat (not my normal position as none in the studio!) certainly worked wonders for releasing my "off-menu" thoughts and innovative ideas.

Additionally, in that one day I did some reflective thinking, primarily around how far the studio has come in a relatively short time, but also around what I had left behind. I have become lighter, not just in weight but in being. I have shed the stresses of meeting deadlines and impossible targets for people who didn't even make eye contact when imposing such outlandish requests. I have reduced my alcoholic consumption by so much that I no longer consume in a month what I would normally have managed on an impromptu midweek night out with workmates. 

In short, I am happy, I am thankful and I feel unhindered by outside attitudes. My world is mine.

I have become accustomed to the stillness of the studio and no longer need to have a SoundCloud playlist as background accompaniment. The silence is as soft as the 600GSM towels here and just as absorbent. I can expand into it and reconnect with the gentle sound of my breath, a constant reminder of yoga practice. Comforted and comfortable. 

The ability to harness this peace is incredible, not just from a personal perspective but as much for every visitor who steps into the cocoon of an inner-city sanctuary. Most people comment on how surprised they are at how "away from it all" they feel even though the next sentence is usually about how pretty / unusual Brighton station is from this viewpoint. I have found a pleasurable quietness and it is my mission to share it with as many clients as I can.

Want some? Come and get it!!