I like the fact that as a person, my word is my bond. I do not commit to a single thing unless I can see the end and my completion of it.

I am thankful that many of the people who I come into contact with have a nature which is worthy of my trust in them. I always present myself in a transparent light which enables the same for that particular person. I am willing to trust until that trust is abused...and then no more.

Rather than give you details and sentences that allude to this, I felt that sharing a little clip made yesterday morning in the studio will show a different side of trust. Richard and I don't ever practice beforehand what is about to be filmed. It is filmed once and once only. I know that I will concentrate and endeavour to be aware of my centre throughout and not wobble off whatever stable place he has so solidly offered me as support. I trust that I will respond to the few gentle instructions I am given. This is also true of a "grounded" yoga class.

Likewise, I know that Richard is a base that will never drop his flyer. He is strong and capable. But more so he is a most trustworthy person in every other walk of life that it naturally follows that he too will only embark upon a journey he is wiling to and confident that he will complete.

Here is a "once only shoot" that demonstrates an explicit trust.