Over the past few weeks I have been pushing myself to try new physical challenges in the areas of yoga, balance, cardiovascular (quite small, admittedly) and strength training. I have noticed an increase in flexibility, proprioception, exchange of fuel for energy, co-ordination, strength, response and agility.

All of these combined has made me feel much more dynamic. I have an easy smile and an ever-present want to be active. I am not afraid of asking...to learn but more to be liberated further from my prior, long-serving restrictions upon myself. The voice that all too frequently shouted "what are you thinking...you will get injured!" is now nothing more than an imperceptible whisper, a faint little tone that tickles my cheek and amuses me.

But with everything that is greatly achieved and acclaimed it is just as necessary to pause, to reflect and to be gentle. 

Whilst editing the <60sec video (below) I was captivated by how slow and therapeutic some elements of yoga, especially partner yoga can be. Watching it back, I could almost evoke the same feelings of stretch, release and slowness of breath that were happening in the studio at that moment. It looks blissful. Less is more. Time to recover.