Have you started something recently? Did you manage to stick to any resolution you made at the turn of the New Year?

In my case, "yes" and "just."

I am of the thinking that everyday should have a new learning to take-away, to store alongside all of the other useful, incredible, wonderful snippets of information I collect as often as is appropriate. I am not a master at editing thoughts before they are stored. And sometimes really annoying ones manage to sneak past my regulatory filter and find a particularly snug home that takes a virtual bulldozer to eliminate, evict, dispel and obliterate into non-harmful, forgotten particles.  

So, coming back to the basics of learning. I had quite forgotten that it is ok to make mistakes, to do things slowly, to fall off and land without grace, to get frustrated, to not be an expert from the outset, to let go (slightly) the unrealistic goals of attainment, to enjoy being in the moment, to evolve, to understand the process is satisfaction in itself.

I am a hard task-master when it comes to myself and only until studying for my Masters did I realise that 97% of my own exacting standard is perfectly acceptable, it is enough. It is, more importantly, within the unrealised 3% where the beauty, interpretation and understanding by a viewer is explored and appreciated.

The freedom that comes with this acceptance is immeasurable. I am infinitely more happy. I approach learning with a hunger, as an adventure and fundamentally that my ability will grow day by day. I see learning as a necessity to stay "fired" and "present." 

Last week, I published a short YouTube film of Richard and myself in the studio. As I am a learner of partner and acro yoga, I thought it useful this week to leave in the wobbles and bent (also not bent enough) bits to highlight my indulgent, thrilling journey of being a learner. I will improve....but for now, here I am as a novice: