This week has seen a catastrophic natural disaster in Nepal. At the time of writing this "officials say the death toll from the 7.8-magnitude quake has now passed 5,000, but could reach 10,000." (BBC World News)

All of those lives lost.

I am sad. I have become quiet. I dread seeing more footage, social media, headlines and passing-by snippets of conversations. Thankfully, my family and friends who have / would visit Nepal are all safe in their respective countries.

Some amazing people are doing lovely things where all proceeds are going to help with the disaster and subsequent rebuilding of this beautiful country. I have found a couple which are befitting of presentation to you.

Nepal Aid Print Store - Daniel Alexander Harris

(UK.Gov recommended) - Disasters Emergency Committee

My giving will be however / wherever it can do something...anything.

In the meantime, some words from my heart:

To you, unknown person, who I will almost certainly never meet, I send you this moment which squeezes my being into stillness. I whisper to you a gentleness that will be carried on the breeze and touch your cheek with an imperceptible grace. You may not notice it now, today or even in your lifetime but it is sent with a clarity of emotion that would wrap you up and comfort you just enough to bear the pain you feel now, today but which I hope will ease throughout your lifetime. I cannot tell you things will be ok, I cannot mend what you have endured, I am so sorry I cannot. But I can promise you my smile if ever you should find me, my hand if you should need assistance and the same stillness if ever... Stay strong, be brave, peace will find you again.