The studio is beautiful, functional, hygienic and blissful. It evokes a sense of calm, security, release and restoration. It is private and quiet. Furthermore, it is situated in a prime location in central Brighton, stumbling distance from the train station and has the added bonus of a parking space as and when required.

For most people, being in a space as wonderful as this on a daily basis would be privilege enough...and it is. Each day upon unlocking the door, a ripple of excitement and joy accompanies a sincere "good morning, studio!"

However, what makes it all so much more delightful is a weekly session of acupuncture. I have always been greatly inspired by the positive and healing effects of treatments with therapists in the past which was why it was a necessary addition to the list of services offered at Acupuncture addresses the whole being not just ailments. It works well for any and everything as well as sitting alongside Western medicine as an effective complimentary therapy.

What I hadn't envisaged was just how incredible acupuncture could be when given by a therapist who is a pure channel for this ancient healing energy, who tells stories passed down from early Chinese practitioners, and who literally "comes alive" when giving a treatment. Richard is this. 

I have also become aware that each session is completely different, in as much as I haven't ever been given the same "prescription" which has happened previously with other therapists. Yes, some points will be repeated but never more than 50% of the previous session. Each treatment is "of that time" with hardy aches being dispelled in no more than two sessions and an instant vibrancy as each concludes.

As a therapist, it is necessary to be aware of the constant necessity to give, not just physical treatments but emotional and sometimes mental as well as remaining mindful of the amount that is given. Balance and restoration of energy aides the ability to continue to give to others. Fact. What I found by receiving treatments from Richard is that I feel bolstered, revitalised and light. I cannot thank him enough for what he gives to me but more importantly, what he brings to the studio. Anyone who has ever received a treatment from him will have had an experience similar to mine, guaranteed. 

If you, or anybody you know, is experiencing discomfort of any kind, please book-in for a consultation. Richard is available by appointment only and can be reached via the contact form here.