Even though I have been kept away from the blog, I have been keeping a visual record of what I would like to fill it with...images of "new" dishes, culinary intrigues and above all, food  which is healthy beyond belief.

In this daily collation of material, I have been smugly satisfied knowing that I am someone who definitely "feasts with their eyes" and will always endeavour to make an effort when "plating-up." I have also noticed a few other things:

** I feel uncomfortable if I use odd-weighted cutlery - ** wheatgrass is not my friend - ** A palate can be trained out of anything....but not quite into everything - ** 

But more than anything, I have re-learned to experience my food and savour many things including texture, preparation (mine or someone else's), portion size to name a few. I have sniffed and swirled, nibbled and masticated all with an newfound appreciation. I no longer eat in a hurry, to fill-a-gap or to dispel a rumble. 

When it comes to recommended daily allowances, .gov.uk have introduced the "eatwell plate" which "is a policy tool that define's the government's recommendations on healthy diets."

The Eatwell Plate

Alongside this colourful plate are 8 basic tips:

**1. base your meals on starchy foods   **2. eat lots of fruit and veg   **3. eat more fish – including a portion of oily fish each week   **4. cut down on saturated fat and sugar   **5. eat less salt – no more than 6g a day for adults   **6. get active and be a healthy weight   **7. don’t get thirsty   **8. don’t skip breakfast.

2L of water per day and there you have it.

As long as more energy is expended per day than is consumed in calories, bodyweight should stay the same or reduce.

Please feel free to comment and / or request any info / recipes on any of the images above...and to send in some of your own too.