Every single person who steps into the studio comments on the floor. It is exceptionally comfortable. Actually, "comfortable" doesn't describe the sheer pleasure that the floor brings. Glorrr-riii-usss is much, much closer.

I measured for the floor in metres and bought in inches. Had it not been for the "offcuts" and "cuts" i would have been absolutely prefect, "bang-on-the-money" even with my imperial to metric conversion.

What followed next was confusing, back-breaking, rewarding, tiring, repetitive, dirty, liberating, educational, scary and arduous. 200+ tiles of 10mm depth of coated rubber-foam. Thankfully, interlocking.

I have never laid a floor before. Not sure I will be doing it again.

However, I am a perfectionist so naturally this room-changing, functional covering would have to be installed to look like an expert with a lifetime of experience had done a very exceptional job indeed. Of course, it would.

It took some time, I measured and re-measured every single cut and slowly but surely the floor began to leave "essence of office" (very nice blue carpet tiles) and move into the realm of durable, exercise floor. I sliced my fingers, used power tools for the first time and pushed, squeezed and butted-up for all I was worth.

I was fine until I got to the doorway. Hmm. My tiles were too thick to fit under the door. Yes, the (heavy fire) door could have come off and a few millimetres shaved-off the bottom would have been ideal. However, I had a drill and junior hacksaw so not really within my capabilities...on a whole range of levels. This was the point I left it...for two weeks. I put it off for as long as I could before I spent nearly 5 hours slicing the tiles in half, plus cutting around the door frame on both sides. And swearing. Only little swear words but still.

And then the first "on my knees" clean. I was so proud as I wiped over every single tile to make sure it was pristine. I had done this. I had transformed this room from an ordinary office space to what it is now...a beautiful, absorbing, hygienic, comfortable, functional studio.

I don't sit on a seat here, I don't allow shoes in here, I fall asleep (3 times now) here. I like this floor for myself and more-so for what clients experience on it. It is perfect for stretch sessions and completely understated for 1-2-1 body conditioning. Yoga is blissful.

Come. Come and let your feet feel this lovely floor in Brighton.