"How did it get so late so soon?" - Dr Zeuss

My sincerest apologies. 

Yesterday, it felt as if a digital monster was sitting on my shoulder, It was an uncomfortable sensation of very urgently needing to sit quietly for a few moments and with a flourish akin to a concert pianist in midst of a rousing pianoforte scribe something so full-throttled that said monster was floored, squashed and obliterated into cyberspace.

Alas, it wasn't to be. I went to bed with a heavy heart and awoke with a weightier sense of responsibility. This sense of foreboding was for no other reason than, unbeknownst to you, I had set myself a weekly deadline of Wednesday as "B-day" The day in which to write fresh (always helps to be "in the moment") concise (3 minute read is plenty) and (vaguely) interesting (I'm never sure about this one?) blog-post.

What made it more frustrating was that over the past week I had collected a wealth of "bits and bobs" that would (possibly) come together as a relatively coherent piece. And with a gallery.

Anyway, back to the "confession." In all of the above I have realised that I am a stickler for good timekeeping. I am of the opinion that 10 minutes early is "on time" (I have a dance tutor at university to thank for that one) and that to be late is a downright insult.

Thinking as to when these morals were forged, it was before the general population had a mobile phone and if an engagement was made, it was kept. Back then there was no easy way of letting that person know otherwise. And as my word is my bond, I wouldn't dream of not showing-up. (Hold on. 2 x double negatives = 1 x positive). I would always show-up (much better) and be on time.

Nowadays, it is much easier. Being a cyclist, I don't get stuck in traffic, Sometimes an argument with a rude (and usually overweight taxi driver - #justsaying) might slow me down for a few moments, and the weather can be a bit breezy / wet / rough but in general, I pedal fast enough to arrive in time. Also, for the odd occasion that time has slipped and "late" is upon me...I am thankful for the mobile phone. 

As I press "SAVE & PUBLISH" all guilt will be gone, I will be happy, relieved and sure to not repeat in a hurry. Thank-you for your patience : )