I had wanted to continue with "the senses" series. But none seemed to offer-up the right "in." 

So, instead I wanted to share some joy. Very basic but one of the most effective forms of "topping-up" the being. Sunshine. 

The warmth of gentle rays on my face makes me smile from deep within as my Vitamin D levels begin to rise. The first few days of Spring, officially in 3 days, can set how I "gear-up" for Summer. Already, I am up before my alarm, set this morning for 06h10 when daylight is apparent behind the edges of heavy curtains and birds tweeting louder than the seagulls cry (unbelievable but true.)

I have had a real "spring" in my step over the past few days.

I am excited for the days getting longer and with that comes the ability to do more, wear less clothing (with the addition of SPF, of course) and for the reappearance of a smattering of freckles on my face that I have finally grown accustomed to.

This is the season of newness, of growth and emergence. Time to come out of hiding and shed layers, not just fabrics but stored fats that have been keeping our bodies warm throughout the cold Winter.

Summer bodies are made in Spring.

I am to begin preparing by changing diet and exercises. Centimetres lost as opposed to pounds shed will be shared. I will be following the same advice that is given to everybody looking to change any aspect of themself. Eat less, expend more, drink 2L of water, sleep well.

Please feel free to share tips, stories, pictures of anything that appeals to you at this inspirational time of the year. A little smile goes a long way in digital these bright, shiny days : )

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