This week I was struggling as to what to write about...until I had to rely upon public transport, namely bus, train and tube. 

Immediately, I was completely aware of the surrounding noise, chatter, either in person or on phones, in English or native tongues, second-hand music from inadequate earphones, mechanical noise and "just noise, white noise" - @Disclosure. I have gotten used to passing noise when on my bicyclette and not becoming attached to it.

As if by instinct, I plugged-in and drifted off into my own headspace, (almost but not totally) cocooned from the outer world. Private, personal and safe. Everything seems so much more comfortable when the most surface of the senses is enveloped in a personal soundtrack. 

And the studio is a quiet room, peacefully so. Triple-glazed windows and the cushioned floor (see blogpost "Walking on Air") adds another level to deadening the sound and creating an additional layer of detachment from the outside world. This made it vital that a) the quality of sound is good / easily adjustable and b) the selection works for everyone.

Having studied the piano as a young person and on occasion DJ'd at parties and gatherings, I like rich and “complete” music. My musical education and development has given me a good tonal underpinning and I am thankfully aware of what makes a pleasant aural accompaniment to any particular session or treatment. Compliments are often made upon the choice of music, an individual song or complete playlist. 

Which got me to creating a @Soundcloud account with the sole purpose of collecting different selections of music so they can be shared….not just with clients. The playlists themselves are as "uniform" and "in-keeping" with their individual theme as possible. Which is a good thing. With titles such as "session" "underground" and "stretch + release" these lend themselves to a wide range of incredible music.

With musical offerings from Haydn and Mozart to Giles Peterson and Eryka Badhu to @MrSuicideSheep, @relaxdaily, @NewbieNerdz and #Brighton's finest @FatboySlim, it is fair to say there is something for everyone.

Please feel free to dip in-and-out of the (ever evolving) playlists at