This past week has evaporated. Not-so much to do with avoiding Friday 13th and avoiding, I mean, celebrating Valentine's Day but more about getting "into a flow" in the studio and giving constant attention to everything from fluffing-up the towels and treating clients to composing read / like-able posts for social.

I was thrilled to re-purpose an informative piece by Infinity Photographic written by lovely and always on-the-go Lesley Taylor about her brainchild #Project50 (check out criteria for small businesses) of which was her first project. 

What has been most pleasing for me is that #Project50 has delivered exactly what was needed....good, clean images that really represent the tranquility, space, functionality and essence of the studio. Working closely with Lesley meant that she understood what my vision was and then cleverly brought into play her myriad of skills to deliver.

My part was primarily organising everything and everybody to be available at the right time, doing the right thing and them looking like it was utterly effortless....which they did, bless them.

Schedule for Photo Shoot; 27/01/15 - 15h00 - 16h00

**15h00 - room to be already set for massage (Richard as model) **15h15 - empty room shots / hall way / shower-room **15h25 - head shots Amanda and Richard (white wall background) **15h30 - 1-2-1 PT (Chris as model) assisted stretching, 2-3 resistance exercises, 1 x Swiss ball. **15h45 - yoga (Richard) 10 x mats and blocks to be set for empty studio shots and also in poses - various models (Eve, Michelle, Chris, Bryony, myself + 1tbc)

What actually happened was *room, *yoga, *1-2-1, *head shots.

Lesley was so intent in capturing various angles, shots, details that the time passed so quickly and it was three (3!) hours later we had completed the "wish" list. Another mentionable quality that Lesley has is her ability to get people to do exactly what she needs to "get the shot" without coming across as bossy or demanding. A pleasure to see a woman work so well with people whose names she doesn't even know.

And finally during the shortlisting, Lesley showed patience and professionalism which was appreciated beyond belief. I haven't looked at that many images since Art Foundation and got a bit lost (complete understatement) in the 392 images. Eventually and happily reduced down to a cherished 65!

Please do have a look at the website and see if you get a "feel" for the studio, follow the links to Infinity Photographic, explore #project50 and if you are as fortunate as I, you might get to have a friend called "Lady T!"