The studio has always been a comfortable and nurturing space. What has become particularly apparent is the continued flow of genuinely lovely people.

I have been asked many times as to why I haven't done a mass market, blanket campaign appealing to the general population of Brighton. Simple answer: to eliminate the risk of diluting the pure and special vibe that the studio has cultivated. The "exclusivity" hasn't been a conscious decision...just something that has happened naturally and without primary focus; as if by magic.

I was trying to understand what had brought this about if it has manifested without attention and can only attribute it to "like attracts like". I think nice things about people, all people not just clients and I always give everyone the benefit of the until no longer trustworthy. This means that I can glimpse the essence of a person, their spirit, if it is available to be seen.

This ability to be non-judgemental and "open" when first meeting someone has been one of the most difficult things to re-learn. Unfortunately, I wasn't given this as part of my formative learnings and as a consequence have spent years relinquishing patterns that quite honestly have been detrimental to my earlier relationships in whatever capacity - family, friends, partners.

Having experienced the notable differences which ultimately happens when observing from an adult perspective, I adore the refreshing honesty with which people speak to me, the thank-you's given when really not necessary and the compliments I now know how to receive (blog post: The Art of Receiving a Compliment) Each time someone communicates with me I (try my utmost to) pay full attention and listen with both ears and eyes. It is amazing what additional information can be gleamed when observing the gestures, mannerisms and body-language alongside dialogue.

So, how does this equate to the clientele that cross the threshold of the studio? Everybody is always made to feel welcome and nurtured, their time is as precious as mine is to me and their energy is of fundamental concern. By being "in-the-moment" it affords the elusive and rare opportunity to "let-go" and leave everything behind for a few moments, an hour, or occasionally longer (workshops are immersive and lots of fun!). The studio has become a sanctuary for some, a playroom for others and safe and sanitary environment for all.

If you know somebody who has visited, ask them what they "felt" not what they "thought": if you yourself have been, then share this post with your friends or anyone who you think might like to experience something lovely / nice / special for themselves.

I, on the other hand, am seeking to attract a strong person with good hamstrings and a few pockets of free-time per week. I was going to write an advert along the lines of "Can you help? "Base" required for flexible, good-humoured "flyer" Apply within" but thought I would see what comes from this post...(another reason for you to share if you know someone?!)

So, for now, when next in conversation with somebody new, take a breath, focus your eyes upon theirs and relax into what they saying to you. And then if you have time, leave a brief comment as to how "truthful" or "warm" or "interesting" the experience was.

: )