This is a sad post for me to write : (

Richard is leaving. Not just the studio, but the area, his family, the UK. I am pleased to report that he is emigrating to Cyprus with his longterm girlfriend. I know they will be happy and build a rich life in the warmth of this sunny island.

For me, I am going to miss a dear friend who has been so pivotal in a number of ways in my life.

Firstly, as a "strong" yoga teacher who has demonstrated poses that are usually found only in the pages of a great Indian guru,'s handbook, on a YouTube channel or on the posts of Instagram yogis. Not only this, but his enthusiasm and expert guidance have gotten me in and out of so many postures I would never have been brave enough to attempt let alone execute with poise and precision. I owe most arm-balances to him.

I am also deeply grateful for his ability to step-in at the last minute to be a "body" for demo's and assessments. His charm and mellow nature creates an arena that even the grumpiest of examiners soon mellow to. His smile is infectious! He knows just how to calm, reassure and invigorate without being "whimpy" or irritating. A rare talent. 

I have said it before and will most probably always feel this a therapist Richard is super-skilled, a channel for knowledge of an ancient medicine that makes him uniquely gifted, a true healer, profound, in fact. I will have my last treatment (in a while) with him tomorrow. Lucky me.

And then to one of my most treasured experiences with him; partner yoga, acroyoga, jumping around, flying and falling. Richard is 6'3" and a powerhouse of muscle, 97kgs of pure strength. Add in "incredible flexibility" and you will begin to piece together the most wonderful, adorable, safe and secure base a person could ever wish to fly with. I have thrilled at the positions and transitions, the softness he has provided for me when I fell on him, the instruction delivered so that we might both perform better for and with each other. Loved every single minute of this with Richard. I am really, really going to miss this element of him. Totally amazing to have built a movement vocabulary with another person and blessed to have experienced it. Dreading how it will feel to not have this anymore. If time allows then a little session before sharing treatments tomorrow...

So, there you have it. One of my "rocks" is rolling on. I am going to miss him terribly for everything (and more than) listed above. If you see me looking a little deflated please offer me a hug and smile. Richard has told me that as soon as he is gone then the gap he leaves behind will be filled. I'm not so sure that any one person will be able to come anywhere close. It's a huge hole.

Thank-you, Richard for everything. You have made me smile and laugh, you have cured my aches and restored my balance, you have shared observations and knowledge, sent me flying, saved me from tears, encouraged growth - emotionally, physically and spiritually. I will always cherish you as one of the most special people I have had the pleasure of calling my friend. Good luck.

Ps. Don't ever change.

Pps. x