Just what #Brighton needs....another fitness space!

It did cross my mind (time and time again) that the locality is saturated with health clubs, gyms, studios and centres all concerned with "your health and well-being" and why I should enter into this competitive landscape if all I would be offering is the same.

Answer; because bend.fit.mend isn't offering the same.

My intention was to create an environment that flexes and moulds to provide a comfortable, clean, intimate space that appeals to all types of people. In addition, to create a "menu" that affords choice. 

In putting together the space, I have thought about other establishments, what appeals to me and what puts me off returning, however small the detail. In doing so bend.fit.mend ticks so many of my boxes that I am optimistic that it will get your "nod" too.

In fact, it is so comfortable that I have very nearly just fallen asleep on the foam floor, it is sanitary from the moment you enter the room (again, more foam - antibac hand cleanser) and is exceptionally quiet even though it is literally a stone's throw from Brighton station and bustling Queen's Road. Throw in soft lighting, fluffy towels and delicate aroma and the scene is set.

The most exciting thing of all is that every person who has visited so far, be it client, friend, media person, delivery chap and / or other has said very much the same... "what a great space!"

It has been quite a journey to get to here and rather than tell you of the heartaches, bloody fingers, aching back and (more than) occasional cussing now, I shall embellish those moments as and when a happy client comments on the individual parts that go to make up a rather sumptuous whole.