Contributing factors and benefits of each session

in the corporate sessions, Bend Fit Mend addresses the nature of employee’s movement patterns in the workplace and looks to "undo" any of the stresses which might be caused to the individual's bodies. In the case of your employees many of them might spend much of their working day seated at a desk. The majority of "desk­jockeys" already attending sessions at the studio suffer from one or more of the following complaints:

* aching back * sore shoulders * stiff neck * tight hips * poor posture * RSI in wrist, hands, fingers * headaches * stress.

Bend Fit Mend will plan a "bespoke" session that will enable the individual to create space, freedom and encourage fluidity back into their body. In addition, the session will promote a sense of well­being and relaxation which is always a good thing at any time of the day.


The sessions will be held at Bend Fit Mend and mats, block and straps to be provided by Bend Fit Mend. Alternatively, if you should feel that your environment would lend itself well to these sessions then arrangements can be made for this to be possible too.

Duration is 45 minute.

As mentioned above, a bespoke session will incorporate stretches that address possible complaints associated with desk jobs which involve much sitting.

These will include: * neck release * shoulder mobility * spinal rotation, flexion, extension * hip mobility * wrist, hands and finger exercises.

Each session is finished with a small relaxation.

Clients present and past…


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