would like to offer clients and visitors to this page a chance to get closer.

As with any fledgling business, word-of-mouth is a good way of getting a business name to become familiar.

In order to do the same for regular competitions offer not only a little bit of enjoyment but the opportunity to sample one of the wonderful treatments or sessions at the studio.


Blissed out in Brighton - #blissfulbrighton : : 23 july - 2 sep 2015 (school holidays)

As the students and tourists descend on our beautiful city it is sometimes a little noisy, crowded, hectic and to visitors it becomes “London-by-the-Sea.”

However, all is not lost.

Tranquility is at hand…and foot.

Simply share to a picture of what to you is the most irritating aspect of Brighton in the Summer using the hashtag #blissfulbrighton.

Obviously, the winner will be the most frustrated inhabitant with the biggest *smh* - (shakesmyhead) reaction to their picture!

FacebookTwitter and Instagram all accepted : )

if, in the meantime, it all gets "a bit too much" please contact the studio.