A myriad of learnings have come together and shaped me to be an individual who is sensitive to the abilities of others, caring and intuitive, respectful and warm.

Qualified as a therapist in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sports and Remedial massage in 2003 following a first Bachelor's degree in Dance and Related Arts in 2001, Pg Dip in Visual and Applied Arts finishing with an MA Fine Art in 2010. The path through higher education was predominantly concerned around the body, primarily movement and costume.

A few years in "digital" which have (hopefully) given me the right tools to flaunt bend fit mend to the extremities of cyberspace and back again.

Add in a first marathon in 2012 (4h21) and half 2013 (1h57). #Brighton

Most recently, L3 Award in Instructing Outdoor Fitness (London) and 200HR Yoga Teacher Training (Goa). after 20+ years as a practitioner.

The unquestionable thread which links all of the above is hard-work, discipline, ambition and determination. If I commit, then I achieve.

My question to you... "what would you like to achieve?"